Have you ever had a vanity plate or wanted one? I had one years ago, and yes, it did say "MEOW".

I have often thought about having a personalized tag on my car again. Would I still have something that relates to cats? Yes, most likely. The problem is that I have seen several plates with a number following the most purrfect word in the English language. So, do I change my thought process and go with "PURR"? Do I think of something completely different, something that has <gasp> nothing to do with cats?

While these thoughts were going through my head, I decided to research other license plates. It was then that I came across some wild license plate ideas that were not only rejected, but actually banned in the state of Connecticut. There is actually an online google spreadsheet and CTPost.com and Governmentattic.org have also reported the banned ideas. It made me think that we live among some pretty crazy people. You'll see what I mean with some of the requests in this video below: