Most people love bananas. Some actually go bananas over bananas. Did you know there's a right way and wrong way to peel a banana?

I was getting ready to peel and eat my banana that I brought today with my lunch. As I grabbed for the stem to start to pull the skin off, my co-worker, Maureen said to me, "You're peeling that wrong. You need to eat it like a monkey."

I was instantly thrown off guard.

Now, I would consider myself a veteran banana peeler. Heck, I must have done it like a thousand times, so you can imagine my surprise when, after all these years, someone was telling me I was peeling it wrong. Watch me show Suzy the awe-inspiring technique I had just learned:

She instructed me to ignore the stem and go to the bottom of the banana.

"I'll never get it peeled back from the bottom," I stated in a rather I-know-best kind of tone.

Well before I could barely finish that sentence, I had already successfully started the peeling process, but this time from the bottom. The peel easily came off, much more so than anytime I've ever peeled one before. This monkey technique was the real deal.

Now you can imagine my amazement, I felt like I was re-born again. I had just learned something that's going to change the way I eat a banana forever.

I did get to thinking though, if monkeys knew this technique all along, then why, since we are supposed to have evolved from them, do so many people have no clue about this peeling thing? Could this actually debunk Darwin's theory of evolution? I think we may be on to something, but alas, that is for another blog.

For now, at least, I think we should pay more attention to that old saying, "Monkey see, monkey do," because when it comes to peeling bananas, they sure know what they're doing.

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