It looks like the Hess name will disappear from Gas Stations after a 2.8 million dollar deal to sell the chain to Marathon Gas aka Speedway. What does this mean for the legendary Hess trucks?

For now, nothing immediately. For this year, you will still be able to purchase those valuable Hess Trucks at your local Hess station before the name change and the 2014 Christmas season.

Starting in 2015, however, Hess Oil will be selling the trucks exclusively online only. By that time, the local Hess stations will be renamed Speedway. We have a few locations around Kicks Country in New Milford on Rt 7 and Patterson off Exit 17 on 84.

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So for now, we are okay....For me, a die-hard collecter of these Hess trucks, I hope they keep going and going...However, without the actual stations being around, how valuable will they be in the long run?

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