Once again this story begs the question, "What the hell were you thinking?"

On Sept. 6, I blogged about Pot Growing Operation Discovered at a Connecticut Day Care. At that point in time, the West Haven Police were investigating, with hopes of arrests in the case.

According to courant.com, West Haven police are reporting an arrest in connection with a recent raid at a home-based day care in West Haven where over 600 pot plants were found growing in a fenced-in area.

Police have charged 57-year-old Danny Miller with numerous drug offenses after finding over 600 pot plants at the home that housed a Day Care.

The amazing brazenness of these people blows my mind. The story says that records show the day care provider, Rosalee Miller, has had a day care license since 1995. When you run a day care, inspections happen. Back in May, there was a surprise inspection at the house that found violations. Over the next few months the house was checked on, and the fence out back was being constructed, no pot plants growing there yet, because that would just be to obvious I guess.

Do you not think that you are on the radar of the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, the agency that tasks inspectors to keep an eye on issues? Do you not think they will show back up at your door periodically? I guess not, because at some point the fence was completed and 600 pot plants were being grown.

On Sept. 2, inspectors went back to see if those violations were fixed. On that date they were denied access to the fenced area. Um, you take care of children in your home, do you not think that inspectors might alert police to what they think is kind of fishy?

There is a special place for people like the Millers, if these allegations prove true.