Let's face it, we've just about had enough of winter....Snow, bitter cold, and how about today, 5 below zero. Not the way I want to start my day. But guess what it could be worse.

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Now if your one of those people who loves to ask others "is it cold enough for you", don't be surprised if someone responds by saying "no". Yea it's gonna be frigid around here for the next few days with wind chills making it feel like it's 10-15 below zero, but that's nothing. It has been colder, way colder.


Check out some of these all time lows for our region and the entire U.S.


  • Connecticut         –32         Jan. 22, 1961       Coventry
  • New York             –52          Feb. 18, 1979      Old Forge
  • Massachusetts     –35         Jan. 12, 1981       Chester
  • New Jersey         –34          Jan. 5, 1904         River Vale

Now check out these record lows from around the U.S.

  • Colorado              –61        Feb. 1, 1985        Maybell
  • Maine                   –50        Jan. 16, 2009      Big Black River
  • Minnesota            –60         Feb. 2, 1996       Tower
  • Montana               –70         Jan. 20, 1954     Rogers Pass
  • Alaska                  –80         Jan. 23, 1971     Prospect Creek Camp

So as the temp's drop and more people start complaining about the cold, make sure you tell them to go read "Mr. Morning's" blog, after all we live in the Northeast, can we handle it...."Yes We Can"....