Since the story broke recently, people in Brookfield and surrounding towns have been kind of upset about the proposed name change to the area forever known as the "Four Corners."

So what's really happening? The rumors have been flying, people have been speculating -- Will the "Four Corners" in Brookfield continue to be known by that, or is the redevelopment project going to change more than the landscape?

Now, as long as I have been in the area -- over two decades -- if you say, "The Four Corners," to any local, they know exactly where you're talking about, so could a name change make things too confusing? Will area residents adapt to a new name or continue to call it the Four Corners?

There was only one way to finally get to the bottom of this issue -- call my friend, and Brookfield's First Selectman, Steve Dunn. If there's anyone who's got the inside scoop on this, it would be Steve, so Suzy and I got him to come on with us so he could let everyone know the status of what they might rename the area. Check it out:

The move to get this whole project started began back in November, and I was there for the official ground breaking ceremony. Here's that video:

The master concept is to make this the “go-to” destination for regional shopping and restaurants, and to give residents a place they can finally call Downtown Brookfield.

Look for Brookfield Village to open sometime in late 2017.

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