Time to rub elbows with our protectors and tell them how you feel.

Being in touch with the community is where it's at when it comes to residents and the police department that protects them. Feeling comfortable and just chatting over a cup of coffee is a concept as old as the hills, and is still important to this day.

Every few months the Brookfield Police Department participates in a nationwide movement called Coffee With a Cop, that gives officers and residents a chance to get to know each other and lets people to talk about what concerns them.

From a posting on the Brookfield Police Department's Facebook page:

So much good can come from just sitting around "chewing the fat" as they say, or just sitting and really listening to the conversation. Please take the time Saturday March 18 to be part of the solution. Bagelman in Brookfield is located at 14 Candlewood Lake Road.

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