The Candlewood Lake Fireworks are coming up on Saturday night, shooting off from the Island just off the shores of Danbury Town Park!

The fireworks begin after 9, so make sure you get a good spot somewhere on the shores on Candlewood Lake OR on the lake, if you have a boat!

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The Candlewood Lake Authority and DEP officials will be doing their annual safety checkpoints on the northern most sections of the Danbury end of Candlewood Lake. Make sure your proper lights work and that you have sufficient life jackets on your boat.

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Don't forget to also take advantage of the Carvel Connection Shuttle Bus that leaves from Carvel on North Street and brings spectators to and from Danbury Town Park!  ... It's a great way to avoid the traffic, lack of parking, and closed roads!

Have fun this weekend, and get ready for the next big Fireworks celebration next Thursday the 3rd at Danbury Fair!

Details to come!