The 4th of July weekend is over and as I looked at all the nostalgic Monday morning posts longing for this past holiday weekend, my eyes landed on one that was different than the rest: CHOCOLATE DAY!

"What is chocolate day!?" I thought. It's exactly what it sounds like. An entire day dedicated to the sweet brown substance that makes so many people happy. On a side note- I don't understand people who don't like chocolate. They're suspicious and I don't trust them. I basically want to ask them if they are an alien from some other planet called Vanilla-ville.

Do you know how happy it makes me to be able to gorge on my favorite thing ever and not feel guilty whatsoever!? SO happy.

So I suggest you do the same. Because why not? Heal your "holiday-is-over" blues with a huge ice cream sundae with all the chocolate fixings you want.


and on a serious note- the more chocolate you eat the more you're helping people worldwide. The cocoa industry employs about 50 million people! So if you're not going to eat chocolate for yourself, eat it for the many farmers harvesting the precious cocoa bean.