Victory! Chocolate milk is here to stay in Connecticut schools after Governor Malloy vetoed a law that would've banned the delicious drink starting July 1st. People thought that chocolate milk wasn't healthy enough to be served in schools, which makes me not even want to start on what is served as "healthy" in schools. Pizza has tomato sauce, therefore it is a vegetable (rolls eyes..oookkaayyy...). I just gotta say, you go Governor Malloy. I'm glad he had enough sanity to say, "Ya know what, NO! Kids should be able to drink chocolate milk in schools". I absolutely agree.

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Chocolate milk is the essence of childhood. What is the harm in having chocolate milk in schools? It's not like the kid is going to be able to drink 10 of them in one sitting. Probably like one, or two. if they're feeling lucky. And chocolate milk should be enjoyed  as a child because you drink less of it as you grow older. Yes, I still grab the occasional chocolate milk carton at Starbucks (Horizon is the best). But that's like once in a blue moon and when I'm in a chocolate mood and don't want to splurge on actual candy (smart choices).

So, how about making laws that will actually improve education and not try to take away a staple of childhood? HUH?! HUH?! I think we can all agree that there is always something to improve on education and facility-wise, in a school.

Now, let's all go drink gallons and gallons of chocolate milk... BECAUSE WE CAN!