We can all agree we're in the dead center of the winter season right now with daytime highs in the single digits! We all take special care of ourselves, our family and our pets, but what about our cars?

We rely on our automobiles to get to work, the store, home and all over! I've always noticed that people don't necessarily take the best care of their cars, especially in the winter time, so I thought I'd put together a quick car care list for the winter time.

1. Make sure you let your car run for 3-4 minutes before you leave your current location especially when temps are below 10 degrees. It helps warm up the oil in the most critical parts of your car.

2. Make sure to wait and not wash your car when temps are below the freezing mark for an extended period of time. Frozen locks = not fun

3. Be sure you have enough anti-freeze in the car to avoid a crack in the engine and enough washer fluid for your wipers

4. Check your battery charge to make sure it will start your car in cold temps

5. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle equipped with a warm blanket

There are many other things to check, but I feel these are the top 5 the everyday driver needs to check on...From one average joe (ME) to another average joe (YOU!!)

Happy Driving!