Construction here, construction there, construction EVERYWHERE! Listen, I get it, okay. I know we gotta fix stuff and I know that we gotta do it when it's more convenient: summer. But, it still ruins things. Like plans, and my sanity, my peace of mind, the amount of sleep I can get.. Can you tell construction annoys me?

Don't get me wrong, I like new roads and no potholes, but I have the ABSOLUTE worst luck with construction. It's like it follows me wherever i drive. And it always strikes at the most inconvenient times. Like when I'm running late, when I' m falling asleep at the wheel, when I have go to the bathroom, etc.

So luckily, we know way ahead of time about this construction going on this weekend on I-84. Plan ahead if you're doing a little day tripping this weekend.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is fixing the 84 overpass bridge in Southington, so they gotta close that part this weekend. I would just suggest avoiding 84 in general. Take back roads, or don't go anywhere. Stay at home. Run in a sprinkler. That's almost as good as the beach. (ha ha)

The closure starts Friday at 5pm around the Marion ave Exit and then expands to the area around all of exit 30 at 9pm. It will open up for Monday morning commute at 5am.

Good luck with that commuters