Changes are coming locally to AAA and Connecticut's Governor is not happy.

God knows that in Connecticut, we have encountered huge problems with the DMV. Problems or not, I can't think of many people anywhere who love to spend time at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Shhhh -- don't tell anybody a little secret I have. I always sneak into my local AAA office when it's time to renew my drivers license. Easy, peasy, in and quickly out!

Now, here comes the big "uh-oh." According to, AAA Northeast is planning to require that people renewing driver licenses or registrations at the AAA offices be registered members.

AAA has offered the license service to people who are residents of Connecticut since 2001, and you didn't have to be a member of the club. Moving forward though, AAA wants to make that a requirement. Governor Malloy is urging AAA to reconsider the decision, and he's gone so far as notifying AAA that Connecticut is considering legal action if they do not reconsider the position.

Even the state's new DMV commissioner, Michael Bzdyra, had this to say to the Courant:

We can't be providing equipment, data lines, IT help, oversight only for those folks who are members. The general public and nonmembers have also paid for that. That would be unfair in my opinion

Damn, I don't have to renew until 2017. I sure hope they work this out before then.