I don't think most beer lovers really care why we celebrate National Beer Day every year on April 7th, heck it's just another excuse to pound a few back, but there really is a little history behind the celebration.

It's National Beer Day or, as Homer Simpson would say, "Beeeeeeeeer"

Now, I don't think most people need a National Day to have a cold one, but since we're on the subject, there's actually a reason we celebrate every year on April 7th.

According to Wikipedia.com, April 7th was the day that the Cullen-Harrison act was enacted back in 1933. The act was not the official end of prohibition, that didn't officially happen until December of that year when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the legislation. However, it did make it legal for people to have a beer again, and they celebrated.

Because of that fateful day in early April, National Beer Day was officially recognized in 2009, and has since been trending every year on April 7 using the hashtag #NationalBeerDay.

Fast forward to 2017, now Beer is everywhere. Not only that, but craft beer and craft beer Festivals are happening all the time. You can join us again on May 13 at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury for our annual Brews and BBQ Festival.

It's the ultimate Spring Fling with some fantastic BBQ, and of course, lots of Beer, and if you get your tickets now, they're only $15 Dollars and that includes your first brew.

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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