It was an idea that spawned when a young women from Sweden fell in love, and married an American man from Portland, Oregon. When they started a family, the children's fashion world changed forever, according to wikipedia.

If the internet says it, it must definitely be true, right? Perfect.

Soon, you can experience the softness revolution for yourself and your kids, as Hanna Andersson will be opening their newest store in the Danbury Fair Mall at the end of April.

A concept that was born in the garage of Tom and Gun Denhart in 1984, and was founded on the premise of children's clothes that would be cotton soft and indestructible so kids could be kids, now has expanded to more then 65 stores nationwide including their latest store slated to open on April 28 in the Danbury Fair Mall.

According to, the store, will be offering free gifts to the first 500 people from April 28th through the 30th, with special store gift cards given away to the first 100 customers on April 29th and April 30th. Get there early, because the company said that historically it's not unusual to see lines of more then 100 people waiting for the doors to first open.

Hanna Andersson specializes in clothing for babies, toddler's, kids, and women.

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