I was always jealous of my brother who lived in Chicago and got a box of farm fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to his door about every week or so. BUT that jealousy can not be stopped because now we can get the same kind of farm freshness right here in Fairfield County. I feel like it's been a long time coming- I mean we do live in an area with A LOT of farming.

An online marketplace has been made by the combined efforts of Fresh Nation and Healthy CT. Healthy CT is an insurance company and they have decided to help everyone out under their plan by teaming up with Fresh Nation, a company that visits all these farms and gathers up the goodness.

Pretty cool! If you are a HealthyCT member you get a 10 percent discount and free delivery.

This is the first of its kind. And I think it's great that insurance companies are realizing fresh food is very important for health.

Perhaps this is a promising initiative for the future...

What do you think?