It's here we finally made it, Spring officially arrives tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:57pm. But despite temps in the low 50's don't expect it to last.


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While spring officially begins tomorrow (Thursday) and there are signs of a pattern change, winter may not be in a hurry to let go over much of the Eastern states completely. Not good news for us.

March is typically a battle of two seasons: winter and spring. While there are indications of an end to the polar vortex and corresponding freezing and subzero weather during the month ahead for many areas of the Midwest and East, this may be a slow spring.

According to Paul Pastelok, head of AccuWeather's Long Range Team, "The pattern causing the on going cold will not suddenly go away and stay away in the weeks ahead." Pastelok stated that it may take until late April or May for steady warmth be widespread in the East.....Aren't we lucky.

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As you can see this year it's basically a waiting game, and you know the waiting is the hardest part. So starting tomorrow (Thursday) sit back and smell.....the cold air.