This Saturday is April 1 -- also known as April Fool's Day, and you know what that means. You gotta be heads up, 'cause there's probably someone in your family or at your job that would love to prank you.

Before we get to some great pranks that you can do, let's take a look at the history and origin of April Fools Day: says that one of the most popular theories on the origin of April Fools Day dates back to ancient cultures, especially the Romans and Hindus. New Year's Day was usually celebrated on April 1. In 1582, Pope Gregory the XIII ordered a new calendar calling for New Years Day to be celebrated on January 1. According to, many people either refused to celebrate the new date, or they had no idea the calendar had changed and continued to observe New Years Day on April 1st.

People started to make fun of those who still celebrated in April and called them "April Fools". They also sent them on what they called "fool's errands," trying to trick them into believing something that was not true.

Today, we still celebrate April 1 as a day for fools, or April Fool's Day, however, now it's best known for innocent pranks people play on family members and co-workers.

Check out these pranks I got to do to unsuspecting people at some of our Kicks 105.5 Events:

This one was great as I posed as a beer server at our last Brews and BBQ Event.

This next one almost got me into a fight with the husband of a women who I may have sort changed.

Finally, here's one I pulled at our latest Hat City on Tap event, cutting people off before they really got started.

If your looking for a way to get your co-workers here are a few pranks that are extremely popular in the workplace:

  • Unplug your co-workers mouse at their computer while they’re away
  • Slightly unplug your co-workers phone cord just enough so they can’t see the disconnection, then as soon as they get a phone call, BAM!
  • Put paper on the bottom of a computer mouse, so it won’t work correctly
  • Put a sign on the copy machine, saying that the repair man stopped by, it’s now all voice-activated, so you’ll see co-workers shouting at the machine for no reason!
  • Take off letters on someone’s keyboard, and switch them around

So my best advice to you is to just watch your back this Saturday, cause you never know who may be out to get you. Enjoy your April Fools Day !!!!

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