So think back a little bit and ask yourself, what were you doing on February 4th, 2004? Mark Zuckerberg was in his dorm room at Harvard getting ready to launch the phenomenon that would change the way the world interacts with one another.

I recall being in MY college dorm room, finishing up college at Sacred Heart University down in Fairfield, CT when I learned about this new web service where we could meet new people and learn about all the parties on and off campus! What is this Facebook you speak of? Well it began as a college-only social networking tool where we did just that...We "friended" our peers and planned our Friday and Saturday nights.

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I can't believe that now, 10 years later, Facebook has become almost a way of life for some people, which is sad in a way depending on how you look at it!  It's great to be able to reach out to family and friends who live long distances and even to network. But sometimes I will even find myself "facebooking" my neighbor....And I say to myself, "Umm walk over and talk to him you lazy bum!"

Either way, Facebook has become such an important way to communicate, that I don't see it going anywhere anytime fast. Heck, we keep you in the loop on some of our biggest contests and events here at Kicks 105-5 through Facebook!  It has to stay..