It's World Elephant Day! Yay! Not only are elephants my FAVORITE animal because they are so cute, but because they are really awesome animals too. World Elephant Day is to spread awareness on protecting elephants and their natural habitats.

Elephants are still being hunted for their ivory, and their numbers are dwindling. There are only about 440,000 elephants left in the world between Africa and Asia, which is not that many at all.

Elephants are about as emotional as human beings are. They can recognize their own reflection, have a sense of consciousness, celebrate births, and ritualize deaths. if an elephant becomes sick, the rest of the herd makes sure that elephant is taken care of and comfortable. They mourn losses and they're very family oriented.

A world without elephants would be horrible. Just think about it and you know you agree.

If you would like to help out with the cause, check out the World Elephant Day website: