This could be like the Holy Grail for those who like to pound them back on a Sunday or even during the week. Two Yale University students say they have created a drink that can actually prevent a hangover.

How many times have you had a few too many the night before you had to go to work, or had class. Well that became the inspiration for two students at Yale, who wanted to be able to drink, then wake up in time for class the next day. So instead of complaining, they took action.

According to the two seniors, Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse got tired of all work and no play during the week, and wanted to hang out and have a few drinks with friends. The only problem was being able to get up for class the next morning and be somewhat alert. So they created a citrus flavored powder that you mix with water and drink one hour before you start to really drink.

The product is called SunUp and it's designed to help your liver prepare for a flood of alcohol, and break down the byproducts of alcohol that cause hangovers. It also is loaded with vitamins and minerals, the same ones that get depleted when you drink too much.

The cool thing is we won't have to wait years to have it tested and to try it. A single pack will cost you $5, and it should be available sometime next month.

They even made a promotional video for the product to attract attention and financial backers.


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