If you are a frequent flier, or someone getting ready to make summer family vacation plans, this might be quite disturbing to you.

It looks like the Airline industry took home around 3.3 billion dollars last year in baggage fees. You know those irritating fees you inevitably have to pay when you want to check large luggage? They started out as an annoying truth to air travel, but today, it's quite the key way for these carriers to make money.

Delta, the nation's 3rd largest carrier took home over $800 million, United took in a little over $600 million and the soon to be merged American & US Airways followed with about $250 million.

Looks like I will be going to TJ Maxx to purchase one of those stretchable carry on bags for all of my travel junk!

When it comes time to plan your summer flights, and whether or not to use LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, or Westchester.....Those baggage fees might at least help with your carrier plans.