Many times airlines will pay passengers because of a mistake on their end or severe flight delays, but this has 'awesome' written all over it!

If you could make 800 dollars because your air carrier had you stranded in one city for two nights / three days, would you bite? .... Of course you would!

What if that place you were stranded in for 3 days was....say....Hawaii??

This was the case for a number of Air New Zealand passengers when their 767 jet was stuck in Hawaii for three days due to repairs. I wonder to myself why the airline couldn't send another jet to take them away, but on the other hand, why not stay in Hawaii!

The carrier made a statement, here courtesy of Fox News:

Due to the lengthy nature of this disruption, the difficulty we've experienced in adequately communicating with customers and the fact we have repeatedly let them down, we have made the decision that in addition to our unreserved apology we will also be compensating each customer $1000

When you convert the currencies from $1000 to American Dollars it becomes about $850 to be exact. If I knew this was going to happen to me, I would board that jet right now! Sign me up!