If you listen to our show on Monday mornings, you know how I feel about people asking me, "So how was your weekend?"

Well, this past weekend, I actually did something worth talking about. My Sunday started just like any other Sunday, however it took a little twist very quickly.

After letting the dogs out, I noticed our black lab, Nera, was becoming very inquisitive in a certain part of the yard. She did the whole "black lab stance" and everything, so I knew she had the scent of something, but it didn't look like there was anything around. A short time later, she wanted to head out again, and again, she went right to the same spot.

My son went out to take a look, and yelled for me to come out. There was some sort of wounded creature in the tall grass. So, I went to check it out, and to my amazement, it was a small baby bunny. He couldn't have been more then a few days old, and had been injured, a bad gash on his back.

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After carefully getting him out of the tall grass and checking him out, my son came across a second baby bunny. This one was a bit smaller, but was in pretty good shape.

So, now, I've got two abandoned baby bunnies, one injured. I quickly got some warm water, rinsed the area of the one that was wounded, and put them both in a planter with some grass, and what was left of their nest so they would stay warm.

Next step was to contact Wildlife in Crisis in Weston, CT. They specialize in taking in abandoned or injured animals and nursing them back to health, and releasing them back into the wild. These people are great -- it's totally non-profit, and all the workers there are volunteers.

So, my wife and I hopped in the car, and drove the two baby bunnies to the Wildlife in Crisis center. I was definitely concerned about the injured bunny, but when we arrived and turned the orphan bunnies over to the Wildlife in Crisis experts, we were told that both bunnies should be fine and the injured one should make a full recovery.

Wow, that made me so happy!

I actually had a hand in saving these two bunnies, and giving them a new life. So, thanks to my black lab for getting the scent, my son for spotting the two little bunnies, and my wife who brought a calm and control to the chaos.

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