O.K. I realize people have been doing it in certain area's of the country all their lives, but for me shoveling snow off the roof is, must I say it, INSANE !!!!


Ice Dams have become very popular these days

Now I know if I don't do it those "ice dam's" will continue to build, and the weight of the snow will put a lot of added pressure on the roof, not to mention water leaking into the house, but aside from a few years back, I had never heard of a roof rake or shoveling the roof. (I still find it hard to say without laughing).

Mr. Morning doing that roof rake thing

So when should you get out there and do it ? I've done some research on this for you and found this official government document on roof snow removal:

For those of you that are wondering “When should I shovel the snow off my roof?” Here is a quick rule of thumb to help you determine if you may need to be concerned.
Basic calculation – (for a quick analysis only) This calculation uses a 25% moisture
density which may be conservative for our current snow fall. As a rule of thumb,
saturated snow weighs about 20 pounds per cubic foot. The moisture content of snow can range from about 1% to about 33% so snow can weigh from about 1 pound per cubic foot to over 21 pounds per cubic foot.
S=Inches of snow on the roof
1.25= Weight of 1 sq ft of snow for each 1” of depth
P= Pounds per square foot
If my roof has 20” of snow, what would that equate to?
(20”)(1.25 lbs/sq ft) = 25 lbs/ sq ft
Any ice build-up on the roof needs to be added to this formula. Use 5.2 lbs for every inch in thickness.

Well this certainly clears up everything for me......not !!!! I didn't know I needed a masters degree in Calculus to figure out when to shovel.

Now check out this guy who did all the calculating and defiantly minimized his time:

And for those who feel the need to learn more check out this Roof Rake Tutorial, and happy shoveling.