For a record 26th consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever is once again the most popular dog in the United States. It’s the longest reign of any one breed, according to 2016 AKC registration data. People love their Labs

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As a matter of fact, our last three dogs have been Labs. They are so loyal, and their great temperament make them the perfect family pet.

Though the Labs’ reign as the top dog continued in 2016, there are a few other breeds starting to make a run at the perennial leader.

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The Rottweiler came in at number eight this year and is slowly starting to make a run at the top spot. The eighth place finish is the highest for the Rottweiler since its number two finish in 1997. The Rottie has moving up nine spots in the past decade.

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One of the most notable and biggest jumps on the list this year was the Russel Terrier, who climbed nine spots jumping up 14 notches from #104 to #90.

Here’s a look at AKC registration data’s official results of this year's Top 10:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Sheppard
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Bulldog
  5. Beagle
  6. French Bulldog
  7. Poodle
  8. Rottweiler
  9. Yorkshire Terrier
  10. Boxer
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