Are you one of those people who frequent the Express Lane at the supermarket when you're about to checkout?  I tend to be more of a Self-Checkout type of person if I'm in a hurry, but to each their own.

Have you ever thought about actually counting the person's items in front of you to make sure they ACTUALLY have 20 items or less in their cart?  Well apparently a man in Florida did just that and didn't like what he counted. William Golladay literally counted the items of the customer in a motorized shopping cart in front of him, found out it was more than 20, and rammed his shopping cart into the customer! He told police that the customer in front of him shouldn't have been in the 20 Items or Less lane.

In what world does all of this warrant someone ramming their shopping cart into someone else?  I have to be honest, I laughed when I first read this story with a look on my face of "really??" ... Then I read more into it and realized the customer who was rammed into was handicapped ... Makes the story even better, or worse depending on how you look at it.

Just another example of how people's true colors come out when you are SHOPPING! God help someone if they get in your way huh?..... Insane.

Again, I prefer the Self-Checkout Lane.