This week on my "Throwback Thursday" blog it's time for me to live up to my other nick- name "Mr. Romance". Today April 3rd, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the day I popped the question to my wife.


At the time we were still living on Long Island, and one of our favorite places was a little spot overlooking the Long Island Sound in a town called Sea Cliff. That proved the perfect spot for the biggest question of my life. Of course her answer was "yes" and we even had witnesses to the big occasion, two ducks floating around in the water.

getty images

About a year later and after moving to Connecticut we got married and took some pictures after the ceremony at Hatters Park in Danbury. We didn't realize at the time, but after getting the pictures back we noticed two ducks in the background of one of the photo's (see below). Could they be the same ducks that were part of that special night a year before on Long Island.....No I don't think so, but you could say the last 25 years have been kinda "duckie". You may be amazed that after this amount of time I would still be able to remember the date, well April 3rd, 1989 was also Baseball's Opening Day, need I say anymore.

bender images

Back then a formal engagement photo was not such a big thing, however some good friends did give us these kinda campy sweat shirts and insisted on a photo. Today your seeing this photo for the first time. By the way this was the one and only time I ever wore this shirt, I think you understand why....Just don't tell our friends Cindy and Larry.