I walked outside this morning and it felt as if I was walking into some beautiful heated paradise, which made me realize:  "Ahhh.. now THIS is summer, baby". (Yea, I say weird things to myself). Of course this got me thinking of all the ways I like to cool off in the summer, some nostalgic, some practical..

Let's get to it then! These are in no particular order

5) Playing in a fountain

If you've ever lived in a city, you know how hard it is to cool off. That's why it's so amazing when you basically find a gold mine in the middle of an urban jungle: a beautiful, huge fountain that basically is like  a watering hole for the city animals. I thoroughly enjoy prancing around a city fountain in clothes I don't mind getting wet. It's both liberating and fun.

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4) Air Conditioning

Oh yes, AC where would I be without you? I'm a little bit of an AC freak. I blast it when I go to bed and the sound of it coming out of my vents is like a nice lullaby. Also, one of the best feelings is when you're sweating like a pig, you walk into a building, the AC blasts you, and you know everything's going to be okay.

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3) Sprinkler Action

Can we say childhood? I was obsessed, OBSESSED, with playing with the sprinkler on my lawn. I think my brothers and I would jump through the sprinkler for about 5 hours straight and it still never got old. Sprinklers can be tricky though. Make sure you never, EVER, jump onto the sprinkler because ouch, that hurts.

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2) Boating

As soon as you get onto any sort of body of water, you automatically cool off. It's amazing. Also, boating is just fun. You bring some snacks, some wine, some iced tea, whatever, you have yourself a great time. Also, its very romantic if you do it right- hint hint men.

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I will do many things to get to a pool. I was so desperate in college that I actually considered jumping a fence and sneaking into a stranger's pool. IT WAS LIKE 100 DEGREES OKAY?? I love pools, best way to spend a summer day.

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