I love Kent Falls. It's such a peaceful and relaxing spot to hike. However, this weekend, my wife and I might have bitten off a little bit more then we bargained for.

Our afternoon went something like this:

My Wife: "Life is so hectic and crazy and stressful. I need some adventure and to clear my mind. Want to go hike at Kent Falls?"

Me: "Okay, but there's lots of snow on that trail."

My Wife: "It's okay we have our Merrell's (Hiking Shoes) on."

So an hour drive later, we start to follow the trail halfway up the falls, carefully digging in each step we climb. We get to a certain point and my wife says, "Well, we've come this far. Let's just go a little higher." So we climb some more until we finally get to the first summit.

At this point, I realize that getting down might not be an option. The only thing I'm thinking is, it's one thing climbing up, but getting down on basically an iced covered trail is sure going to be tough. I'm talking one slip, and you're basically plunging onto the rocks and icy falls. Not good if you value your life.

Well, needless to say, you didn't hear about us on the news, because we made it down. It was quite slippery, but totally exhilarating, and we saw some amazing views. If you're a thrill seeker or have experience climbing, then go for it. For me, yes I would do it again, but next time with those special spiked climber's shoes.

We did take some really nice pictures, and you can live your hike vicariously through the photos. Enjoy!

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