So around this time last year, Jeff Gordon made a prank video along with Pepsi simply called Test Drive. Well it looks like he's done it again with a twist for 2014.

He originally put together a prank video dressed up in disguise where he fooled a car salesman by going on this wild ride with a new car. You can see him driving the Chevy Camaro like a complete crazy man, but eventually it was labeled that the video was staged. Many claimed that not all of the driving was Gordon, and the salesman was an actor. But Jeff Gordon says otherwise!

One of the many naysayers was writer Travis Okulski, who is featured in the new video, by his surprise.

So his team decided to make this video for 2014....So far, it looks a lot more credible than the last one and I truly believe it's Gordon the whole time..Just look at the detail on the disguise...Heck, I believe it was Jeff in the first one too!

Take a look: