Mr. Morning & Suzy added a bit of British class to the show Tuesday morning, when they talked to actor Eugene Simon from Game of Thrones, and now appearing in the National Geographic Channel's Genius.

He starred on Game of Thrones for six seasons before his character, Lancel Lannister, was killed off. Now he's playing Albert Einstein's son Eduard Einstein in the hit show on the National Geographic Channel.

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He's also had roles in House of Anubis on Nickelodeon, the mini series Ben Hur, and appeared in films Before I Sleep, Casanova, and The Lodgers.

We got a chance to talk with Eugene about his Game of Thrones role, how he found out his character was getting killed off, as well as his new part in the mini series Einstein. Plus we see how British he really is, and we got him to reveal a thing or two that he's never told to anyone else before.

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