What would you do if you walked into one of your favorites Outdoor Sports stores, and you just happen to run into Luke Bryan?

This actually happened to a lucky couple from right here in Connecticut. Let's meet Stefanie Morin and Tony Bailey -- friends of Kicks 105.5. They were the lucky ones last Saturday afternoon.

Luke was in the area for his show at the Xfinity Theater in Hartford, and Stefanie and Tony knew that Luke liked to stop at Cabela's -- one of his favorite stores (I think they sponsor him). So, they took a chance, and stopped in on their way to the show just to see if maybe Luke was there, and boy did they hit the jackpot.

We got a chance to ask Tony and Stefanie a few questions about this chance encounter with one of Country Music's biggest stars:

-How did you know he was there?

We didn't know he was going to be there at all. On our way to the concert, we had a conversation about how Luke Bryan does a lot of work with Cabela's, When we got there, the lady working at the front of the store asked us if we would like to enter into a raffle to win a meet and greet with Luke Bryan and also win tickets to the concert, we told her "We actually came here to see if he was here, we already have tickets to the concert". Stefanie saw two girls acting all excited and giddy. We followed them, knowing something was up, and they lead us to a line of people standing outside of the gun library, sure enough, he was inside.

-How did you approach him?

We didn't actually approach him, like I said before, we saw a line of people at the gun library inside Cabela's, so we stood in the line. At the time, there were a couple employees at Cabela's blocking off the entrance to the gun library, we knew he was in there. Then we saw him for ourselves. Talk about being lucky.

-How did he treat you?

He was really nice. There were a line of people, one actually in the front of the line who was special needs. It was awesome, Luke went right up to him and gave a huge hug. The young man was clearly really excited. He then took a picture with him, then moved on to each person in line, grabbed their phone, and took a selfie with them. What I found really cool, was when he got to us, he grabbed Stefanie's phone, I stood behind them, and he wouldn't take the picture until the lighting and focus was perfect. It was cool, because I'm sure he takes pictures non-stop with fans, but it just showed he actually cared enough to give us a good memory in a still shot.

-What were other reactions like in the room?

The reactions in the room were what you would expect. You never really expect to just run into somebody you're going to see in concert at a store or even in public for that matter. It must've been really exciting especially for the people that probably had no idea he'd be there, everybody was really excited. Stefanie and I were beside ourselves, like I explained before, we went there kinda joking, thinking "how cool would it be if he was actually there". Then, we got there and we were speechless. We couldn't believe that we were that lucky to have met him. Funny thing is, we decided to go to the concert two days prior. We weren't going to go because of the weather, but decided to go anyway. We found tickets inside the venue last minute. So to meet him on top of it really made our day, and even weekend, for that matter.

-How was the show itself?

The show was great, we both are really huge fans of Brett Eldredge as well. I won't lie, we both were bummed that his set was shorter than expected, but once Luke Bryan came on, he made up for it. The show was amazing, we had a great time.

-Did he comment on CT?

He actually commented on the weather in Connecticut. He said during the concert "when booking the shows, I expected Connecticut to be beautiful in May, I didn't think it would be like winter out here!

-Did he comment on the rain?

Yup, sure did! Just like I said in the last question he didn't expect it to be so cold and rainy, he thought it would be really nice. He guessed wrong!

-How were the other performers?

Brett Eldredge was great, we saw him once before. He's awesome in concert, we wished his set was longer, but he was awesome.

Thanks again to Stefanie and Tony for sharing their story of this once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter with none other than Luke Bryan.

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