It's every country singers dream. Head to Nashville and be discovered. Well for Cody Wolfe a local singer/songwriter from Connecticut his dream is about to begin.

Cody Wolfe on stage

His name is Cody Wolfe and he's always had a dream to make it in country music since he was a little kid growing up in Torrington, Connecticut. Well step one of his plan to the top of the charts is underway. This weekend Cody is heading back to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee to start the process. Over the last few months he's been busy networking, releasing his own extended play CD, and promoting himself locally, and he stopped by our Kicks 105.5 studio's on Friday.

Hear my interview with Cody right here:

Cody's extended play CD "If The Sun Don't Shine"

If Cody is going to be the next Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean remains to be seen, but he is trying to achieve a life long goal, and we'll keep you updated every step of the way. Good Luck Cody.

Check out one of Cody's songs right here: