There's an old saying, "Some like it hot."

If you're one of those people, then you should love the summer forecast for Connecticut and New York this year. Forecasters are predicting a long hot summer, with the possibility of more 90 degree days than we have seen in a while.

Keith Urban said it best in one of his songs:

It’s going to be a long, hot summer, we should be together with your feet up on the dashboard now, singing along with the radio, it’s such a beautiful sound.

According to, as a strong El Niño fades, the weather across the country will change. Our area could start to experience summer like temperatures as early as late April or early May. By the time we get into late June and July, we could expect to see even more hot and humid weather.

2017 is already off to one of the warmest starts on record in terms of Global Warmth, and this summer will just add to it with more record heat, as this graphic indicates:

national weather service image


Just keep in mind that these long range predictions are tough to call, and if you don't like the weather here in New England, just wait 5 minutes.

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