We all need somebody to keep us company, especially when we are out on the road for a long period of time right?  Luke Bryan agrees and that's why he adopted a new puppy a few weeks ago!

Meet Pappy, or Pap as he calls him. Luke admits that it will be a tough situation potty training a dog while he is out on the road. Little Pap has already had a few accidents here and there but he'll be house broken soon enough...Or should I say tour bus broken?

taste of country

Luke's current tour finishes up in early March, but then he'll be right back on the road in May for the big summer tour...Hopefully the little pup will be potty trained by then. If not, then I'm sure there will be enough newspapers across the country as he makes stops in various cities to help potty train Pappy!....It's the cheapest way to train a dog's bathroom habits, seriously!  Dog owners, you know where I'm coming from.

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