Everyone gets stuck once and a while with their cars, whether it's in the snow, or even in mud right?  Especially if you don't know how to drive in it?

Well it looks like a man from Massachusetts was charged quite the pretty penny to have his Jeep pulled and towed from some mud.

Joel Ramer told a local TV channel that he somehow got stuck in a mud pit last week in Mass, just south of Boston.
After about 12 hours of trying to get the vehicle out, they finally finished the job, but with a large bill.

The bill's exact price you ask?  Went for $48,835. The towing company, Assured Collision, also said there was damage to the Jeep.

So some of the breakdown of items on the bill are: $16,000 for an on-scene supervisor at $1,250 an hour!  Seriously, that much?! ... It also cost over $10,000 for an off-road "recovery incident response unit."  He also had to pay a $5,000 fee for “dangerous condition liability insurance.” So when it added up, it equaled $48,835!

Talk about insane!  My question is, what was he doing in THIS MUCH mud?  Mud I can see, it's a Jeep, but still!



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