Nobody likes to pay the parking meter. This is coming from someone who has had to park in a lot of major cities: New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles... You get the picture.

I'm always the person dragging their feet to the meter. Trying to find the right change or sticking their card into those new fancy ones. We have no excuse now to NOT pay the meters.

But there is something to be said about the money that is collected through meters. I like to think it helps the city and the people in it as much as possible (that's what is said, anyway).

City of Poughkeepsie, NY just put meters into their downtown area and I almost can't believe how much money they have already collected

In a little over a month, they collected close to $40,000 dollars!! That's about $1700 per day!

The town is suffering from a deficit so the money is all going towards that. Is it possible to say that meters can actually do SOME good? Let's see and hope for that!