If you take the Metro North Railroad on a regular basis, you can agree that for the most part, it's a very reliable means of transportation.  There are many hardworking employees of the railroad who help us get to our destinations each day safely. However, 3 disruptions in one month's time isn't necessarily something to be proud of from a customer service standpoint, right?

I know I'm not the only one who was completely shocked when I turned on the news and saw that derailed train in the Bronx earlier this year. News reports say it was caused by human error where the train traveled much too fast for the corner it was approaching.

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A few days ago we learned that a train on the New Haven line came to a stop between the Greens Farms and Westport stations on Wednesday evening. It was discovered that the train disabled itself from an old overhead wire in the cold temperatures. Can we connect this to poor maintenance practices? ... Or was it just nature's cold temps?

Last night, yet another incident occurred when train service on all the Metro North lines (Harlem, New Haven and Hudson lines) was suspended indefinitely out of Grand Central and north. This morning the MTA announced that human error was to blame for the disruption of train service last night into this morning.

So my question is..what happens now? Will the powers that be held accountable? You would have thought that after the one major accident in the Bronx, that things would be running at their prime....Not so much, huh?