Football fan or not, everyone loves to check out those Super Bowl commercials and everyone has a favorite. Here are my five favorite -- so far.

Times have certainly changed. Over the last few years, Super Bowl ads are now leaked to social media so everyone can watch them long before the big game.

It used to be, that you would have to wait for Super Bowl Sunday and the game to catch any of the commercials. It was as big of an event as the game itself. Now, by the time the game starts, there's really no interest in watching the commercials. It becomes just like any other time you watch TV. Commercial is on, time to head to the kitchen for a beer, or food run, or man, do I have to use the bathroom?

However, there is a good thing about seeing them early. Now, you don't have to watch them during the game, and you still know what you're talking about around the water cooler on Monday.

With that being said, it's time to check out five of the best ones I've seen so far:


  • 5

    Squarespace: John Malkovich

  • 4

    Dorito's/Pepsi: Joe Flacco

  • 3

    Skittles: "Romance"

  • 2

    Intel: Tom Brady

  • 1

    Mercedes: "Easy Driver"