I'm sure you've seen your friends, family or fellow co-workers take part in these Ice Water Challenges on Facebook, but what are they all about?

Apparently the idea of these challenges are to get people to either get soaked, OR donate a specific amount of money to research for ALS, better known as, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

If those people challenged don’t accept, or fail to post their video within 24-hours of them getting drenched, they must donate cash to ALS research.

Yes - it's for a good cause, and raises awareness, and I'm fine with that.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Here's my problem with it...You aren't really doing much to raise money for ALS if the point of the challenge is to get wet! ...All I see online are people getting soaked and not actually donating a penny ....I'm sure there are exceptions... If you want to be a real contributing member of society and do the right thing, then donate the money and move on!

To me, this isn't as stupid, but still up there, with those morons lighting themselves on fire...Enough with these videos and do something good, and donate!