Guys face it, in most cases it's the lady around the house that really makes the Holiday's happen.O.K. I'll admit it, it wouldn't look and feel like Christmas around our house if it wasn't for my wife. My official holiday job is the tree, set it up and put the lights on it. I'm not even responsible for the ornaments, that job goes to my wife and the kids. So what do I do, go out and get a pre-lit tree. Some of you will say that's the lazy way out, but guys know it's a brilliant idea. After that my home decorating tasks are done. Because of this (really smart move) I am affectionately know by my kids as "Scrooge"....(A title I don't agree with, since I refer to myself as "Mr. Christmas").

But my wife is the real hero. She put's all the other Christmas decorations up, bakes, shops for all other family members, (of course I shop for her) and wraps all the gifts. All this while still working, and keeping everything else in the house in order.

So as we get set to celebrate another Christmas at home, I will admit that it's my wife Mary that makes the holiday happen at our house and for that I have to thank her from the bottom of my heart.