Even with all the controversy revolving around New Fairfield's decision to use herbicides in Candlewood Lake, the town has decided to proceed.

After a meeting with the Candlewood Lake Authority and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Conservation on March 29, the Town of New Fairfield has decided to move forward with their permit application to use herbicides in Candlewood Lake. According to newfairfield-news.com, New Fairfield has issued a "RFQ" or request for quote to remove milfoil from the New Fairfield Town Beach area. The town is also seeking a permit to use diquat to control milfoil in Shelter Island Cove.

Shelter Cove is directly to the left of Point Heddon - Instant Google


The Candlewood Lake Authority has plans to stock the lake with 4,450 grass eating carp early this summer to help stop the spread of milfoil, but New Fairfield claims that the use of diquat and copper sulfate is a better solution than using the carp and claims it's just as safe and will not pollute the lake. As New Fairfield's plans to obtain permits to use chemicals moves forward and protesters continue to make some noise, we'll keep you updated whenever any important development occurs