I got up today and checked the weather. High of 72!? Really!? Go home August, you're drunk. Come back with some hotness! I want 85 baby! 72 degrees can wait until September.

All in all though, we have had a gorgeous summer though. Perfect temperatures every single month. And that has actually helped our bug problem. The high heat and humidity usually brings lost of pesky mosquitos. It makes us paranoid about West Nile Virus (which has been found in CT and NY), and just makes us hate being outside on a summer night (which is no good).

Because of the cooler temperatures we've had. The Mosquito population is WAY down. I've kind of noticed too. Mosquitos like a wet spring and a hot, dry summer. It hasn't really hit above 90 here, so the weather has done us a favor in bug control.

Thanks Mother Nature!