We all know Toby Keith has always been very open about his opinions on things. Whether it's politics, gun rights, and what kind of truck you should buy, Toby's made his views very public, as he should! Recently, one of his I Love This Bar and Grill locations in Woodbridge, Virginia decided to ban guns in the restaurant. There is an actual sign on the front door of the cafe that clearly says " No Guns Permitted". The rule was made as a result of insurance policy regulations along with the state of VA.

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....Alcohol and Guns in the same place? ..Maybe not so smart..seems to be the thinking here. Some might ask why you would ever need a gun at a restaurant, which is also another legit question. Others say that everyone has the right to bear arms no matter where it is, an obvious right.

It doesn't look like Toby Keith has personally responded to the recent uproar of public opinion, but I'm sure we can expect something in the coming weeks. There are a total of 17 locations of his I Love This Bar and Grill restaurants.

My view is, if it's a privately owned restaurant and bar who follows such a rule and mandates it in their establishment, then that is their business. Unfortunately if you don't agree, then simple don't eat there! Not eating there will get the point across just fine when less money is coming in from patrons who appose the rule.