I woke up today and the weather is amazing. Walk out of my house, the air is fresh, the sun is warm. Typical summer day. I get to work, I go on the computer and I see an article online that I hope is some type of joke, Onion News kind of story.

It is not.

"Cold Blast during the Summer Moving In- Very Similar to this Winter's 'Polar Vortex'"

Excuse me? You're kidding right?

So this is what confuses me. I immediately went to do a bunch of research on it. Weather. com shows that a cold blast of air is moving through the Midwest and will eventually move towards the Northeast next week. This means temperatres could dip into the 40's and 50's! No, no, no, no, NO, NO NO!!!!!

But then i look at the 10 day forecast at weather.com and all the temperatures for the next 10 days are warm...

So is it happening? or not? i need to know, i need to prepare. I need to stock up on supplies in case I need to hide away from this monstrosity.