Last Night at the Grammy's, Miranda Lambert and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day did an amazing tribute to the late Phil Everly. They sang "When Will I Be Loved" and the tribute continued afterwards with a great video montage of other late musical legends George Jones and Ray Price.

I have to be honest, I kept going back and forth between the Grammys and a few other programs simply because I wasn't interested in half of the artists this year at the award show. Does that make me uncool? ... Either way, after flipping back and forth a few times, I came upon this tribute, and boy I was hooked!

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I've heard Miranda Lambert cover a few classic country songs in the past and I've always been a fan, but whoever came up with pairing her up with Billie Joe from Green Day is a genius!  I would love to see those two sing a few classics together in the future! I do have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy the Everly Brother's music to begin with, so maybe I am biased on the tribute's performance.....I'm okay with it