Remember that soon to be college student from New Jersey who sued her parents for not paying her college tuition? Well it looks like her selfish attitude has been rewarded.

Rachel Canning, the eighteen year old who sued her parents months ago after they stated they wouldn't pay her college tuition, has part of that weight lifted off her shoulders. The lawsuit was obviously unsuccessful, but something else came true.

Western New England College in nearby Springfield, Mass issued her a $56,000 college scholarship. No official word on whether or not that figure is exact because of disclosure rules, however, it's still a big amount of money.

My question is....When will today's sense of entitlement STOP being rewarded?  There is no law stating that parents are obligated to pay for their child's college education. In fact, many parents put that responsibility on the student, which isn't such a bad thing!  ... I still can't believe this girl sued her parents for this...Brat....


Just in case you don't remember this...Here's a video from CBS New York to refresh your memory!