Winter storms equal lots of headaches, disruptions to everyday life and lots of added work you didn't plan for, right?  Lots of extra work that includes clearing off your car, getting milk and eggs like the rest of the town AND...oh right..shoveling!

Believe it or not, take shoveling as a good thing! It's SUCH a great workout. On an average, the everyday snow storm can help you burn around 300-400 calories while you shovel all the white stuff off your property. This doesn't mean the quick shoveling for 10 minutes type of thing....This goes for anyone who shovels on an average of 45 minutes to an hour or so, non-stop!

If you are into more than just burning calories, but adding muscle, and can't get to the gym, shoveling is still a great workout for bodybuilders too!  Talk about a natural way to work your upper body without leaving the house....Keeping in mind to bend your knees especially if you are carrying a larger amount of snow...Save your back!

So next time we hear about another big storm coming..maybe this weekend..just think of the great workout you'll get by shoveling! ...... Oh, and yes....I'm nuts.