What's going on?

Avoiding Conflict with Coyotes, D.E.C. Guidelines
There have been numerous Coyote attacks in the Hudson Valley the past few weeks. The DEC has recently released guidelines to follow if you are to come in contact with a coyote in the near future.
Is Your Amazon Alexa Laughing at You?
It has been reported that some Amazon Alexa devices are randomly laughing throughout the day. I wanted to catch an Alexa laugh. It's kind of creepy.
What Will You be Binge Watching During Winter Storm Quinn?
The Hudson Valley is set to get slammed by Winter Storm Quinn from Wednesday to Thursday. Most of us will be snowed in, hopefully with power, with nothing better to do than binge watch new shows. What will you be watching?
The Most Relaxing Bus Ride You'll Ever Take
Get ready for the most relaxing ride ever in New York City. That of course is after you take a stressful ride down on the train, maybe using the subway after. How do we get one of these in the Hudson Valley?
Would You Ever Eat a $100 Meatball?
National Meatball Day is on its way! Why not take a trip south of the Hudson Valley to enjoy an overly priced meatball in New York City?